About Us

Tatler is a boutique Hunter Valley winery whose mission is to bring the community together, not only when visiting our winery, but on all occasions. It’s important to us that all our interactions, experiences and products are grounded in quality.

We promise a high quality taste through a hands-on approach. As a result, our wine is made with precision and care so you can get more out of it.

We invest in our people and value loyalty in our customers and suppliers. Because of this, we source produce for our winery exclusively from regions within Australia.

As an Australian run and owned business, our community is what keeps us going, so we keep things close.


Our History

The Isakidis family have a long tradition in the hospitality industry. Altogether, it spans over 75 years.

James Dimitri Isakidis moved to New Zealand from Greece with his wife Georgia (Rita) to start a new life after serving in the Hellenic Army. James served in the Sacred Regiment as a Special Forces paratrooper under the Allied Raiding Forces. In fact, the force was attached to the SAS in the Middle East and the SBS in the Aegean Sea in WWII. In the 50’s they had two sons Spiro and Theo. Soon after, in 1974, they settled in Australia. It was here that they bought their first hotel. When old enough, Spiro and Theo joined the family business, expanding the family’s footprint in the Sydney hotel scene.

The inspiration for the name of this Hunter winery came from one of the first hotels the family owned, The Tatler Hotel on George St. in Sydney. It’s at this hotel where rugby league was first formulated in 1908. In 1997 the Lovedale winery opened its doors in the heart of the Hunter Valley.

James’ dream for his sons Spiro and Theo to continue the family’s tradition in hospitality. To this day they grow and source high quality grapes and make excellent quality wines. The family has a passion for creating outstanding experiences, which are now enjoyed by all at Tatler.

Spiro and Theo’s children also actively engage in the Tatler business, continuing the long and proud tradition created by their Grandparents. Additionally, the family actively advocate for the Hunter Valley region, consistently delivering exceptional wines at affordable prices with memorable moments.

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